summary of brendan's 30 years of experience and success

Fractional Chief AI + Ethics Officer


Oct. 2023 - Present

Brendan is a co-founder of AIethics.Expert and He currently serves as Fractional Chief AI & Ethics Officer for AIethics.Expert clients, leading efforts to help organizations implement ethical AI frameworks, mitigate bias risks, ensure responsible AI development, and effectively deploy AI systems across enterprises. In support of this, Brendan developed the Ethical Framework for Responsible AI, an AI Bias Detection service, and a set of well-defined policies and processes customized to fit a company’s unique needs.

Advisory Board Member

United Nations - AI for the Planet

May. 2023 - Present

Brendan serves as an Advisory Board Member and helps support the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) AI For The Planet initiative with its efforts to support and promote the development of AI-driven solutions that have a positive impact on the planet.

Chairman of the Board

Climate Risk Research Foundation (501c3)

Sept. 2022 - Present

As a Volunteer and Chairman of the Board, Brendan leads the Foundation’s mission to enable collaborative, data-driven climate risk research, including the Sustainable Africa Initiative, which helps African students in Nigeria identify and mitigate climate-related risks. [View Sustainable Africa Project Overview]

Head of AI & Corporate Development

The Linux Foundation's - OS-Climate

Sept. 2022 - May 2024

The Linux Foundation’s OS-Climate is a (501c6) non-profit member organization. Brendan volunteered to serve as Head of AI & Corporate Development for OS-Climate and led the organization’s efforts in developing open-source AI tools for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks and opportunities associated with climate change. OS-Climate is being merged into the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) in Q3 2024.

Board Member

9H Energy

Mar. 2020 - Present

Brendan co-founded 9H Energy to develop 500+MW solar power and storage facility to power six hyperscale data centers in southeast Wyoming. Additionally 9H establish an Alternative Energy Research facility and built and donated a 3MW solar plant to the University of Wyoming. The 3MW facility was completed in 2022. [View Clean Energy Park Overview]

Chief Technology Officer


Mar. 2020 - Mar. 2022

As the Chief Technology Officer, Brendan architected Riskthinking.AI’s Climate Risk Data Exchange and Climate Risk Platform, co-developed the Climate Risk Rating Methodologies, and helped grow the company and secure Series A funding from Bloomberg LP before departing for philanthropic pursuits. [View Riskthinking Project Overview]  [View COVID Decision Support Project]

Chief Technology Officer

Ampliforce (Formerly Qlytics)

Apr. 2017 - Jun 2020

As Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Artificial Intelligence Platform start-up company Ampliforce Brendan led the development of AI Tools and custom AI systems and pilot programs for global clients including NYSE, Direxion, China Light & Power, S&P, Moody’s and others. Brendan sold his stake in a private transaction and joined Riskthinking.AI [View Q-Deep-NLP Project]  [View Q-Deep-Vision Project] [View ESG Rating Project] [View ETF Analytics Project] [View Chinese Financial Markets Project]

Chief Executive Officer


Sept. 2015 - Feb. 2017

Bredan was hired as a turnaround CEO leading a 20-month transformation at GuestMetrics, a consumer data and analytics company. He restructured the company, cut operating expenses by 60% all while boosting revenues. Post restructuring GuestMetrics was recognized as one of the fastest growing Big Data companies in 2016. Brendan led the company’s sale to a strategic buyer in 2017. [View GuestMetrics Consumer Data Analytics Project]

Chief Executive Officer

Defense Mobile Corp.

Oct. 2013 - Sept. 2015

Brendan co-founded Defense Mobile, a nationwide MVNO partnered with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and Apple, offering exclusive services for military personnel, veterans, and their families. He also served as a Board Member and Interim CEO. The company’s Management Team included General Peter Pace (16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Peter Lurie (co-founder of Virgin Mobile). Its Corporate Advisors included Admiral Eric Olson (8th Commander of the Special Operations Command), Jack L. Tilley (12th Sergeant Major of the Army), and many others. After leading a retail launch at 1,400 RadioShacks and in most PXs (Post Exchanges) on U.S. Military Installations across the country, Brendan stepped down as CEO. This allowed for a Senior Military veteran with MVNO experience to take over and enabled Brendan to care for his wife Alison, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and their five children. Defense Mobile was sold in a private transaction in 2016. [View DefenseMobile Project]

Managing Partner

Alvarez LLC

May 2006 - Mar. 2012

In 2006, Brendan invested in and acquired 41% of Alvarez LLC through his Private Equity Group Black Bean Capital. At the time, Alvarez LLC was a veteran-owned small business with two employees and less than $200k in revenue. Brendan led a government contract capture team and was awarded one of 31 Prime Contracts on the seven year $5B NASA SEWP contract. As a result Brendan built a team to support the contract award. As a result the company grew revenues from $200k to over $100 million annually. Brendan sold his stake in Alvarez LLC in 2012. [View NASA Project]

Chief Technology Officer

Sirran Communications

Nov. 2009 - Oct. 2011

Brendan served as the CTO of SIRRAN Communications in Dublin Ireland and North Yorkshire England. A unique telecommunications company, SIRRAN provides secure tactical telecommunication solutions and encryption technology to U.S. military, Intelligence organizations and government clients around the world. Clients included the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment, Florida National Guard and the Special Operations Command of the UAE Military and dozens of other governmental agencies and organizations. Brendan held a Top Secret Clearance while leading SIRRAN. He sold his equity stake in a private sale in 2013. [View Secure Tactical Cellular Project]

Chief Technology Officer

Storage Area Networks (SANZ)

Nov. 1998 - Mar. 2004

Co-founded Storage Area Networks (SANZ), serving as CTO and board member. Took the company public in 2000 (OTCBB: SANZ). Built the federal business from scratch to over $50M in revenue within 3 years as Division President. Grew SANZ revenues to $100M annually across 15 offices nationwide. Secured major government contracts across agencies like USMC, FBI, CIA, US Army. Held top secret clearance. Facilitated SANZ’s acquisition by Sun Capital Partners before departing. [View FBI Project]. [View Missile Defense Agency Project]  [View Defense Threat Reduction Agency Project]  [View USMC Geospatial Project]

Senior Territory Manager

EMC Corporation

Mar. 1988 - Nov. 1998

Brendan joined EMC as an intern in college. After graduation Brendan held various Senior Sales and Marketing positions in the greater Boston, Detroit and New York areas. He left EMC in November 1998 to co-found Storage Area Networks, Inc.

It is hard to find someone on this planet who has more experience and a more diverse set of business skills than Brendan. He was building AI systems before most people even understood what AI was. Now, he is leading the way in ensuring AI is developed and implemented in a responsible and ethical manner.

Phil waldeck, ceo, pgim portfolio advisory