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Climate Risk Data Exchange

As the Chief Technology Officer and co-creator of Riskthinking.AI, Brendan led the platform architecture, IAM (Identity and Access Management), Data Management, UI/UX designs, end to end testing, as well as project managed the implementation and launch of Riskthinking.AI’s Climate Risk Data Exchange and Scenario Generation platform. 

This platform, which has been integrated into Bloomberg terminal as of October 2023, leverages artificial intelligence (AI), Natural language Processing, Geospatial Mapping, Structured Expert Judgment, a Knowledge Graph, a secure Istio service mesh, Pachyderm, a payment gateway and advanced technologies to collect, align and downscale over 30 terabytes of climate and socio-economic data from NASA, NOAA, the European Space Agency, the IPCC, IEA and over fifty other data sources. Climate and Socio-economic risks are mapped down to 5 sq meters across the entire planet in order to help investors, asset managers, governments and others evaluate the potential impacts of climate change on every assets in a portfolio.

Brendan also co-lead the initiatives with Bloomberg and Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM) which resulted in a strategic partnerships with both organization and $10million investment by Bloomberg LP. Brendan’s leadership not only advanced Riskthinking.AI’s technological edge but also positioned the company as a leader in Climate Risk solutions, supporting informed decision-making for sustainability efforts.