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COVID Decision Support Platform - Canadian's Project LookingGlass

At the start of the COVID pandemic the Canadian government launched a project titled “LookingGlass” to create a decision support platform that would enable decision-makers to assess risk and quantify how policies such as physical distancing measures, closing and re-opening of schools and businesses, widespread testing, lockdowns and contact tracing campaigns might impact public health and economies at the community level. The objective was to inform the design of optimal COVID-19 mitigation, relief and recovery measures and public health interventions.

Brendan was tasked to serve as the Project Manager on this project. Working to coordinate teams from Queen’s University, aiSight, Distribute Compute Labs, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the University of Saskatchewan as well as collaboration with MIT Epidemiology Lab, the World Health Organization, scientist at Harvard and across the globe. Additionally Brendan serves as the project led on Data Management, Security, AI and the design and delivery of the UI/UX.