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Ethical Framework for Responsible AI

The “Ethical Framework for Responsible AI,” developed by Brendan, is widely adopted by Executive Management Teams nationwide to establish a comprehensive approach for identifying and mitigating AI-related risks. This Ethical AI Framework provides a structured blueprint for the ethical deployment of AI systems.

The Framework is built upon six Core Principles that act as a guiding compass, enabling organizations to align their AI initiatives with business objectives while ensuring a positive and ethical impact on stakeholders and the broader community. This ensures that AI technologies are utilized to boost corporate productivity, improve operations, enhance workforce capabilities, and drive innovation and economic growth. At the same time, it adheres to relevant AI laws and regulations, mitigates risks, promotes fairness, and safeguards individual and societal rights.

In his current role, Brendan serves as a fractional Chief AI & Ethics Officer, assisting clients in developing policies and practices that support AI innovation and business success. His work focuses on minimizing unintended biases, ensuring AI transparency, creating opportunities for employees, protecting data privacy and security, benefiting clients and markets, and providing a competitive advantage.