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FBI Virtual Case File - Data Management

The Virtual Case File (VCF) project was an initiative by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at modernizing its outdated case management system. Launched in the early 2000s, the VCF was intended to replace the paper-based system with a digital one that would allow agents to share information more efficiently across the organization. The VCF project was part of a larger initiative known as Trilogy, which was designed to update the FBI’s IT infrastructure, including its networks, hardware, and software. The VCF component specifically focused on creating an automated case management system that would enable quicker access to data, better management of case information, and more effective communication within the bureau. Brendan was hired by Zalmai Azmi (FBI’s CIO) under a SPAWAR contract with Storage Area Networks (SANZ) to work on-site at the J. Edgar Hoover F.B.I Building in Washington, DC with John Darwin, Larry Depew and Ken Richard of the FBI to develop and document the secure Data Management Process, Disaster Recovery Plan and Data Infrastructure Architecture for VCF. In 2005, the FBI replaced VCF with Sentinel, which eventually became operational years later.