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Secure Tactical Cellular Systems

Brendan collaborated with U.S. Military and Coalition Forces to develop, construct, and deploy a series of secure, man-portable tactical communications solutions to support forward-deployed and remote communications. In partnership with the 75th Ranger Regiment, Florida National Guard, and the UAE’s Special Operations Command, Brendan designed these systems to include all necessary components for establishing long-range, fully secure cellular networks anywhere in the world within five minutes. Featuring integrated satellite links, these units could provide communication and data capture capabilities on land or sea for any mission. Brendan personally designed each system, oversaw manufacturing and field testing, and conducted training sessions with special operations units globally.

Brendan delivered over $10M USD in tactical units to the Department of Homeland Security, various National Guard Units, First Responders and Special Operations Units around the world. Brendan held a Top Secret security clearance during the delivery of these project.